Privacy statement and objectives

With DepFriend – Actograph.Dep, your smartphone can be used as a medical monitor to help prevent your next depressive episode. This innovative app is aimed at early detection of depression signs and notifies your person of choice when needed.


  • Keep your privacy – no registration of any personal information needed.
  • Keep your control – you choose who gets notified (via text message) whenever significant depression-related deviation is detected.
  • Keep your routine – no action or change of habits is required. The app simply does its works in the background.
  •  Keep your health  - as “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” (Benjamin Franklin).

The information already stored in your smartphone could be useful for you. Actograph.Dep is an innovative app that aims to use that information towards early detection of depression. Downloading Actograph.Dep will activate a personalized early detection engine that analyzes your behavioral usage patterns and notifies your chosen “Trust Buddy”.

Actograph.Dep empowers you and your family member or friend that you choose as he/she receives a real time notification (via text message) whenever clinically significant depression related deviation is detected.

What is unique about the Actograph.Dep is that once you download it, no action or change in your behavior is required. Language and cultural nuances do not pose a problem, since the sent messages are analyzed according to statistical variations and not compared to a general scale. This free app was developed by the Expert Platform on Mental Health – a multi-stakeholder initiative that includes experts, patients’ organizations (GAMIAN), family organizations (EUFAMI), and psychologists’ organizations (IFP). The Expert Platform also includes (as observers) European Commissions (DG SANCO) and members of Parliament. The Expert Platform on Mental Health has no commercial interests and is designed to comply with all relevant security, privacy and medical regulations to ensure that it will be used only by you and for you.

An integral part of Actograph.Dep and a key to its development and growth is feedback from the users. We hope that Actograph.Dep’s engine, along with your valued feedback, contributes to strengthen and prolong patients’ recovery.

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